Miller Foundation Timeline

Then & Now

July 24, 1910

A.L. Miller Hired to Manage Enquirer

A. L. Miller was hired by CW Post to manage the Enquirer, thus beginning the long association of the Miller Family with the newspaper and Battle Creek.

July 24, 1928

Miller Buys the Enquirer

Miller bought the Enquirer and News. It became a link in the chain of small newspapers which Miller purchased as head of Federated Publications.

July 24, 1957

George Awards Are Founded

Bob Miller founds the George Awards because he wanted to recognize people who took personal initiative to address a need in their community, and didn’t wait to “let George do it.”  He asked newspaper readers to nominate people who had stepped forward for the betterment of Battle Creek. The newspaper has..Read More

May 20, 1963

First Grant to Kellogg Community College

1963: The newly established Albert L. and Louise B. Miller Foundation awards its first grant to Kellogg Community College for the construction of a physical education facility.

May 20, 1965

Newton D. Baker II Award presented to Bob Miller Sr.

1965: Bob Miller Sr. is presented the Newton D. Baker II Award of the United Community Funds and Councils of America.

May 20, 1966

Bob Miller Sr. Elected Federated Publications Director for the Ensuing Year

May 20, 1972

Consolidation of the YMCA & YWCA Kicks Off

Miller Foundation kicks off consolidation of the local YMCA and YWCA and construction of a new Family Y Center with almost $1 million in grants.

May 20, 1973

Downtown Improvements, Binder Park Petting Zoo Funding & the “Tales of Battle Creek”

Miller Foundation awards first of almost $2 million in grants for downtown improvement. Bob Miller Sr. named to the Civic Improvement Corp. Miller Foundation was among the first to provide funding the for petting zoo at Binder Park. Miller Foundation pays for Berenice Bryant Lowe to write and publish “Tales..Read More

May 20, 1979

Bob Miller Sr. receives the first “Super George” award.

1979: Bob Miller Sr. receives the first “Super George” award. The “George Awards” were created in 1958 as a way to recognize people who took personal initiative to address needs in their community. They didn’t wait to “let George do it.”

May 20, 1980

Fundraiser to expand Y Center, Vision for Downtown & Starting a Sesquicentennial Book

Bob Miller Sr. co-chairs fund-raiser to expand Y Center. Seeing the need for a quality downtown hotel, Bob Miller Sr. takes steps to make it happen, including his personal funds, foundation grants, and community support. Miller Foundation leads the effort to publish Battle Creek Sesquicentennial book.

May 20, 1982

Miller Bridge Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon is cut at the new $3.7 million Miller Bridge honoring Robert B. Miller Sr. for his efforts to promote railroad consolidation.

May 20, 1985

Honaray Doctorateof Humane Letters

Olivet College presents Bob Miller Sr. with an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

May 20, 1985

1980s – 1990s Creating a National Model for Revitalization

1980s-1990s: Miller Foundation contributes almost $2 million to Neighborhoods Inc., which became a national model for revitalization.

May 20, 1990

Renovations of Bailey Park. Construction of C.O. Brown Stadium and other major developments take place

Miller Foundation gives $400,000 for the renovation of Bailey Park, including construction of C.O. Brown Stadium. Miller Foundation initiates and leads a meeting to establish NorthPointe Woods. 20,000 citizens participate in The Miller Foundation’s ABC Survey asking the community what they want and need to help guide their grant making...Read More

May 20, 1993

$75,000 give toward Burnham Brook Center

The Miller Foundation gives $75,000 toward startup of Burnham Brook Center.

May 20, 1995

1995-2010: United Way Grants

1995-2010: United Way of Battle Creek receives $737,000 in grants.

May 20, 1995

Foundation Funds Publication of the Book “Empires”

Miller Foundation pays for publication of the book “Empires” by Robert E. Hencey.

May 20, 1996

Binder Park Zoo receives $409,700 in grants.

1995-2008: Binder Park Zoo receives $409,700 in grants.

May 20, 1997

1995-2010: Grants to Neighborhoods Inc.

1995-2010: Neighborhoods Inc. receives $1,269,557 in grants. In 2015, Neighborhoods Inc. of Battle Creek changed its name to Southwest Michigan Community Development Co., a decision made to reflect the full spectrum of the organization’s work.

May 20, 1998

1998-2004: Grants to B.C. Family Y Center

Battle Creek Family Y Center of BC receives $413,200 in grants between the years of 1998 and 2004.

May 20, 1999

Robert B. Miller Sr Passes Away

1999: Robert B. Miller Sr. passes away, but the family legacy continues today.

May 20, 2000

Leila Arboretum Society Grants

2000: Miller Foundation gives $300,000 to the Leila Arboretum Society.

May 20, 2001

Family Health Center Grants for Enhancements

2001: Family Health Center receives $160,000 for health enhancement and dental equipment.

May 20, 2002

2000-04: Grants to Haven of Rest Ministries

2000-04: Haven of Rest Ministries receives $200,000 in grants over the years.

May 20, 2003

2003: Haven of Rest Ministries receives $145,000 in grants.

May 20, 2003

The Music Center receives $406,530 in grants.

May 20, 2004

Initial Operating Grant to Miller College

2004: Miller College receives the initial operating grant from The Miller Foundation.

May 20, 2005

1995-2010: KCC receives $635,935 in grants.

As long time supporters of Kellogg Community College, Miller Foundation provided $635,935 in grants.

May 20, 2007

Robert B. Miller Jr., son of The Miller Foundation founder, dies.

Robert Branson Miller, Jr., 71, of Battle Creek, retired publisher of the Battle Creek ENQUIRER, died Monday, March 5, 2007 at Battle Creek Health System. Bob was born August 10, 1935 in Battle Creek to Robert B. and Jean (Leonard) Miller, Sr. He attended Fremont Elementary and later The Hotchkiss..Read More

January 5, 2016

Miller College Closes

Sadly, Miller College closed in 2016. Still, we celebrate the over 600 graduates that received their Bachelor’s degree at the college. We also sincerely appreciate the local area higher education institutions who provided options to our students who had not graduated yet.